Interlocking Crochet™ - The Book

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Interlocking Crochet™ by Tanis Galik

By learning a few simple techniques,
you can create your own
one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
Experienced crocheters will be amazed.
Friends and family will cherish your gifts.

“I was in awe of Tanis Galik’s stunning colorwork from the moment I first saw her entries for the CGOA 2010 Crochet Design Competition. I, too, wondered, “How the heck did she do that?” Now Ms. Galik brings her award-winning techniques to fans everywhere in her book, “Interlocking Crochet™”. Clearly written, accompanied by full-color detailed photography, this book takes you by the hand through step-by-step instructions for 80 awesome stitch patterns unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Tanis includes 10 fascinating projects you’ll want to sink your hook into… today. Even when you know how it’s done and can do it yourself, you’ll still be marveling at the intricate results!”
Doris Chan,
Crochet Designer, Author
Chairman, CGOA Design Competition Committee 2010, 2011

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Baby Blanket

Imagine attending a baby shower. When your hand-crocheted baby blanket is opened, there are the usual ooohs and aaahs. However, as the gift is passed to various guests, you notice seasoned crocheters examining the blanket more closely. Each turns it over and back again several times. Finally someone asks,

“How did you do this?”

Your friends are puzzled because each side of the blanket has a different two-color design.

“This is a definite ‘must have’ on your reference shelf, especially for those who enjoy having a precise approach to creativity. The ‘how to’ processes are clearly described and illustrated in this ‘interlocking crochet, also known as ‘double filet’. The book contains a huge library of pattern designs with, where appropriate, a new tip. The book has a wealth of information and it will take someone a very long time indeed (if ever) to be bored with interlocking crochet. I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crochet.”
Pauline Turner
Crochet Author, Teacher & Designer


Easy to Learn

Even though the results look complicated, the process is really quite simple.

You use basic crochet stitches – chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.

It’s the combination of these simple stitches that create beautiful patterns.

Interlocking Crochet™ includes clear instructions and lots of illustrations to make this technique easy to learn.

It can become an incredible hobby for anyone.

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“Tanis and the publishers have done an enormous and excellent job
of making this technique accessible to people.”
James Walters,
International Crochet Innovator & Author


Create a Reversible Fabric

The exciting thing about this crochet technique is – it creates a truly reversible fabric. Single designs have the same pattern on both sides; double designs have a different design and a different dominant color on each side.

Interlocking Crochet™ contains complete instructions for 80 designs – 10 single sided and 35 double sided (70 different designs).

To name just a few – Zigzag, Bargello, Diamonds, Squares/Crosses, Cathedral Windows/Florentine Zigzag and Checkerboard/Starry Sky.

In fact, once you start Interlocking Crochet™, you’ll find it addictive. What new designs can I create? How will the reverse side look?

I love exploring the possibilities and so will you!

“Tanis' videos are clear and easy to follow; they will definitely help to demystify this unusual crochet technique, and will make a great addition to the information and patterns in her book.”
Prudence Mapstone
Freeform Crochet Author, Teacher & Designer

no sew crochet purse

Discover the Secret of the
No-Sew Crocheted Purse

If you’re like me, when you sit down to crochet, you just want to crochet. You don’t want to drag out a needle and thread to start sewing your crocheted pieces together.

Or even worse, have to go to the sewing machine to make a lining for your crocheted purse.

Now you don’t have to do either.

For the first time learn a unique way to create a no-sew crocheted purse requiring no lining.

Also make a completely reversible purse.

“I’m so happy to finally have a book that introduces interlocking. It was a great jumping off point for me. It takes some commitment to master the technique. But, the book motivates with many great pattern stitches and projects. THEN it really inspires you (or it did me) to experiment with creating your own pattern stitches, shaping, converting charted patterns to interlocking instructions, and working interlocking in rounds.”
KJ Hay
Freelance Tech Editor

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Make Two Items at the Same Time

Since the fabric is reversible, you basically create two items at the same time. Just turn your purse inside out or reverse a bedspread/rug combo and you have a new look.

Interlocking Crochet™ contains complete instructions for 10 reversible projects:

  • Autumn Woods Scarf
  • Two-Tone Business Tote
  • Nautical Drawstring Carryall
  • Pink and White Granny Blocks Baby Blanket
  • Envelope Evening Bag
  • Panel-by-Panel Afghan
  • Waves of Color Scarf
  • Happy Colors Baby Blanket
  • A Dream in Cream and Green Afghan
  • Touch of Silver Evening Bag

And best of all, once you’ve mastered the technique, let your imagination go and create your own designs!

“Wonderful technique clearly explained.”
Family of Book Junkies

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Plum Scarf

Explore and Master
Interlocking Crochet™ with the Expert

I have over 40 years of crochet experience. I’ve spent the last 14 years exploring Interlocking Crochet™.

I’m a member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), an award-winning crocheter and an experienced teacher.

“Easy-to-understand technique for creating attractive double-sided blocks”
Lynne E.

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Silver Purse

“If you are looking for something a little different and easy to learn, this may be what you are looking for.”
Kathi Linz

Black and Gold Purse

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